Our Pastors

Dr. Darrell Scott
Founder & Senior Pastor
In January of 1982, Dr. Darrell Scott was born again, answering the call that would ultimately drive him on a course leading to over twenty five years of service to God and thousands upon thousands of souls receiving not only deliverance but also power. After years of faithful service in ministry and biblical studies, he and his wife, Dr. Belinda Scott conducted home Bible study fellowships, ministered in juvenile detention centers, abused women's shelters, over the air on gospel radio, and even organized citywide anti-drug campaigns...(read more)

Dr. Belinda Scott
Founder & Senior Pastor

Dr. Belinda C. Scott has a passion for healing wounded people, as well as educating and mentoring women in ministry. Ministering under a heavy prophetic anointing, she has been used by God to encourage, comfort and impact the lives of millions.She is the Founder and President of The Women’s Educational Mentoring Alliance (WEMA)...(read more)